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How Lu Vesta Group Came Together with a Common Mission

Lu Vesta group is a new name in business, incorporated in 2019, but the people working for Lu Vesta Group have years and years of experience in accounting, finance, construction and project management. Lu Vesta Group management work diligently to improve the project performance and provide on-time project consultations.

The story of our business is the story of our vision to create a management control that can simplify complex projects with Leadership of teamwork and the right approach, offering the highest respect for people who work within the organisation as well as to end users of our product and service.

We choose our trades and sub trades very carefully. We only hire professionals with experience.

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Development Projects

Lu Vesta Group Homes

North Bay Condos

North Bay Condos brings you a one-of-a-kind residential lifestyle in North Bay, Ontario. Inspired by the glorious outlook of the City of North Bay and the magical reflections of lake at the banks of Lakeshore Drive, this condo project offers luxurious living, sophisticated designs with modern finishes. These two buildings are the creation of a renowned architect and a great engineering team.

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